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sculpture by Alton Falcone Studies in Orogenesis
Winter, 2015
Dimensions: 6"x8"
Materials: copper

This is a series of studies for my 'etsy (link)' shop.

I once made small relief sculptures for my art gallery in San Gimignano, Italy. They depicted the city's architecture. I modeled them in wax and cast them in plaster.

This series features a process that I developed through extensive experimentation during my MFA program at Stony Brook University. I emboss wire into a sheet of copper which results in an unexpected placement of flowing lines. I then emboss (hammer) the 'mountains' in relationship to these 'rivers' for the basic relief effect. Finally, I use a patina (Miracle-Gro, non-toxic and safe) for the aging effect.

Small (.5") aluminium cleats on the back allow them to hover gracefully on the wall which in term magnifies their relief. I attach the cleats using two different adhesives.

Each is a unique work of art.

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