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sculpture by Alton Falcone

A ruin, such as at an ancient Roman archeological site, recalls to the unconscious of the viewer the image of what it once was. We recall the work in its totality in our imagination. The fragmented remains reveal the slow destruction wrought by time, via weather conditions and human mistreatment. This gives one the sense of the ephemeral nature of artifice. An emotional response to this is melancholy.

By transforming a ruined object (such as recovered wood) into a harmonious composition, the work becomes a symbol of the positive view of time: this is a history on which we reflect, learn and grow. This is wisdom.

I strive to represent in my work the beauty of melancholic forms as a symbol of wisdom.

Critical commentary

Alton Falcone's constructions from salvaged wood are unhindered by overbearing concepts. His Studies - smaller, whitewashed wall pieces that are occasionally and thoughtfully punctuated by blue-stained chips of wood - give a full sense of his caring engagement with formal compositions and experimentation. Variations between wood textures, the degree of rust on nails and clusters of smaller chips of wood afford the eye a thoughtful terrain on which to move.
- Matt Morris, CityBeat, April 09.