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Western Mandala #1
Dimensions: 40x25in.
Materials: Recovered wood
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status: available
This series of sculptures can be considered Western Mandallas via their philosophy and use of contemplation. The Eastern Mandala utilizes the circle as a form of perfection; within this circle the practicant delineates concentric levels indicating higher transcendent hierarchies. In the best of Western mystical practices, the transcendent is rejected for an Immanent, this-worldly here-and-now spiritual world. In these works the circle is replaced with the Golden Rectangle (based on the Greek proportion), the recovered wood represents 'lived' experience via their visibly rough history. The formal qualities take precedence over the symbolic (another shift); in this case, the negative space, planar and small clustered wood pieces form three approaches to form, whereas the natural or chaotic textures are harmonized by the geometric lines. Finally, like Eastern Mandalas, the work is about the process; however, in this case, the process is made visible in the final work. Hence it can serve as an object of contemplation for those who are not its constructors (the Eastern mandala is meant as an act of contemplation while constructing it, not as a completed object of contemplation. This is why so many are destroyed not long after their completion.)

sculpture by Alton Falcone sculpture by Alton Falcone sculpture by Alton Falcone