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sculpture by Alton Falcone Alton Falcone is a sculptor, concentrating on recovered wood, wire, and steel, the rusticity of the materials reflecting his ten-year sojourn in Italy. His first works, including The Wrath of Achilles, 1997 and Nocturne, 2001 were on continuous display in San Gimignano from September, 1997 to November, 2004. He returned to the United States in 2003 to pursue advanced degrees, graduating with honors in June, 2007 with both a Masters in Fine Arts (thesis) and a Masters in Philosophy from Stony Brook University, New York.

In graduate school he continued to perfect his sculptural mediums, developing a unique and personable vocabulary. It resulted in his work Ritratto, 2006 winning the prestigious Best of SUNY Student Art, 2007. He also expanded his repertoire with site-specific installations such as Dolce Invasione, 2007 and Trisagion, 2006.

His numerous collaborations with artists in other fields include Musik Im Bausch, 2006, Conversations in Red, 2008, Both Beautiful, 2008, Turner Dance of Long Island (Latent Image) and the Happy Prince project, 2006-present.

He recently completed his doctorate in Aesthetics and Creativity from the Humanities program at the University of Louisville. His new studio is located in Beverly, MA.